Grupo Logista provides a complete offer of transportation services:


Full Load Transport

Logesta, a company specializing in the long-haul and full-load transport of the Logista Group, provides the transport service providing customers with complete visibility into the execution of transportation, optimizing costs, as it ensures profitability to suppliers and ensures service and the quality of it.

This effort is embodied in a philosophy of operation and a development tool of its own, equipped with the latest optimization and management technologies called "TeseoWeb".

With this new business concept, Logesta is well positioned in the full load transportation sector, with intelligent management based on the application of the highest technologies and providing a different, advanced and high added value model to the companies that own load.


Small industrial orders

Integra2 is the company of transport of small industrial packages at controlled and ambient temperature. The 58 delegations provide full coverage in Spain, Andorra and Portugal, supported by a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles, which guarantees a wide range of services: from conventional to urgent, ambient or controlled transport.

The application of the latest technologies in information systems provides crucial added value in relation to the customer, such as integration with the computer systems for the documentation process of the delivery notes, online ordering or visualization and file the delivery guides.


Small orders and express mail

Nacex is the company of urgent transport of small packages and documentation of the Group Logista. A courier service with a high commitment of service and quality guaranteed thanks to a network of 29 exchange platforms, more than 300 agencies throughout Spain and Portugal and a fleet with more than 1,500 vehicles.

The wide range of services, modern event detection systems and the transparency of information to the customer, have placed Nacex at the forefront of its sector in Spain and Portugal. 

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