May 08, 2019
  • ​​Economic Sales grew by 4.1% to €567.4m
  • The Net Profit grows by 5.0% to €74.7m. 

Logista raised its Revenues by 6.7% to €4,764.6m due to the good overall behaviour of the activity and the change of accounting criteria for Revenues in Portugal, aligning with those of the rest of the Group. Excluding the effect of this change, only affecting Revenues, these rose by 4.5%. 

Economic sales also grew by 4.1% to €567.4m when comparing with the first half of the previous fiscal year, with increases in all businesses in Iberia and France, as well as a slight decline in Italy. Growths stood out in convenience products in all countries, in Logista Pharma and in the Transport area.

As usual, Logista maintained its strict costs control policy, and costs rose by 2.4%, below the growth recorded in Economic Sales.

As a consequence, the Adjusted Operating Profit (Adjusted EBIT) increased by 10.5% to €126.1m, the Operating Profit (EBIT) grew by 7.6% to 93.6m and the margin on Economic Sales rose from to 20.9% to 22.2%.

Restructuring costs, due to the adaptation of France’s infrastructure to the new level of activity, were much higher than those in the previous fiscal year, so the Net Profit reached €74.1m, recording a 5% growth when compared with the first half of 2018.

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